The Perfect Lawn Maintenance Customer

How to be the perfect lawn care customer…

Are you a lawn maintenance customer? It doesn’t matter if it with us or if its with another company. I have the secret for all you customers out there who pay someone to mow your grass. This is powerful stuff. Are you ready? This is really powerful stuff – like naming rights to their first born powerful. Okay, I think you understand the gravity of the situation. Here it is….

If there is stuff in your lawn – move it.

It’s that simple. “Stuff” can constitute anything from kids toys to adult “toys” and everything in-between. That’s the secret. I swear, showing up to a property where the lawn ornaments have already been moved out of the way will make the lawn crew happier than a bunch of pigs in you know what.

Well, if you do that, you are officially the perfect lawn maintenance customer.

P.s. If you offer us a refreshment on a hot day – you’re invited to Thanksgiving. You’re basically family after that. We will probably decline even when we are showing severe signs of dehydration, but the gesture alone will carry us throughout the rest of the day.

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